(Also Part Of The Supervisory Board)

Sean O Neachtain

Managing Director, Technology

Sean’s journey at Mako spans 13+ years, beginning as a software developer and advancing through various management roles, ultimately leading to his appointment as COO in 2021. In 2022, he shifted his focus to technology, working closely with the CTO, taking on the role of MD of Technology. In his professional sphere, Sean enjoys cultivating talent and optimising processes within the technology department. His journey reflects his unwavering commitment to both individual and organisational growth, making him an essential asset to Mako’s success. 

Outside of work, Sean’s passion lies by the sea, where he finds both calm and fun, whether through kayaking, swimming, fishing or surfing. Sean holds qualifications, including a BA degree in Mathematics & Law and a BSc in Financial Mathematics and Economics.

Senior Leaders

David Callam
Managing Director, Trading
(Also Part of the Supervisory Board)
Tamezina Ellis
Head of Corporate Development, APAC
(Also Part of the Supervisory Board)
Ricky Walia
Head Of Prudential Risk And MIDDLE OFFICE
(Also Part of the Supervisory Board)
Joseph Sanderson
Managing Director, APAC
(Also Part of the Supervisory Board)