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Early Careers

Everyone has to start somewhere. We have 20 years of experience in helping grads become successful traders - so you’re in good hands.

What We Offer

Mako has two programmes for new joiners to the industry, an internship and a graduate scheme. Both programmes offer intelligent and driven students a chance to get to know us and what we do. It's an opportunity to dip your toes into the complex world of options market making to see if it matches your aptitude and interest. Each programme has been carefully curated to provide the tools and knowledge for a successful career at Mako.

Our eight-week summer internships run annually from July and our 18-month graduate programme commences in late September. Both programmes open for applications in early Autumn. Please check the opportunities page for more details.

Graduate Programme for Aspiring Traders

The graduate programme will set you on a two year trajectory to becoming an options market maker. We have developed and iterated the structure over time to complement the changing face of the industry; it is fully immersive and can be a spring board to success for motivated candidates. We have run the programme for over 20 years and a significant number of our senior traders laid the foundations of their journey with its support.

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Grad Programme Highlights

Your journey starts with a two week intensive learning programme

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You will then explore different strategies through a 10 week rotation

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We will then assign you to a desk that fits your demonstrated aptitude

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Internship Programmes

The Technology Internship is primarily focused on the technology side of our business. You'll learn about coding, data analysis and systems engineering to name a few. Both internships will participate in a comprehensive options theory course to introduce you to the products we trade.

The Trading Internship provides an introduction to what it takes to become a trader in one of the most complex markets. You will get a taste for options theory, price discovery and financial modelling. There will also be some overlap with the technology programme. Successful interns have a direct path to the graduate programme.

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Progamme Highlights

Trading Internship  

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Technology Internship

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Entry Requirements

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