Executive Leadership
Mako Financial Markets

Chris Welsh


Chris Welsh has held each of the most senior positions at Mako, including CEO and Managing Director. His experience and appetite for knowledge equip him perfectly for the role of Chairman. Chris began his career with Morgan Stanley before accepting a role with Credit Suisse in New York. A fortuitous meeting with Mako’s founder David Segel inspired him to return to London in 2001.

Strategic Advisor to David and later Managing Director, Chris led Mako safely through the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 to 2010 as CEO. His enduring legacy lies in the interdisciplinary teams that drive Mako’s activities on the new frontier of automated market making. A partner in Mako as well as its Chairman, Chris is ideally positioned to support CEO Trystan Morgan Schauer. A husband and father, Chris has an admirable record of helping non-profit and philanthropic organisations, as well as maintaining a diverse portfolio of directorships and investments.

Executive Leadership

Mako Financial Markets Team

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