Mako Trading and Technology

Our cutting-edge platform allows us to provide around the clock liquidity to global exchanges.

We make markets in exchange-traded fixed income, equities and commodities products, providing liquidity to major exchanges in Europe, APAC and the Americas.

Mako is a trading company committed to technological innovation. Our reputation is built upon our consistent provision of liquidity across all market cycles, especially periods of high market stress. Our history has followed options market making from open outcry in the trading pits of London, Amsterdam and North America, through to screen based trading. We were at the forefront of automated and systematic trading when bespoke technological solutions began to play an increasingly prevalent part in the evolution of the industry. Now, a large percentage of our global workforce is dedicated to designing, building, optimising and maintaining our latency sensitive proprietary trading systems. Our success in this journey is underpinned by our expertise developed over the last 20 years as well as our entrepreneurial and collaborative culture. We are proud of our history, however, we firmly believe that our commitment to rapid innovation and support of intellectual curiosity mean that our best days are ahead of us.

Mako Trading

Mako Makes Markets

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Risk Management

We have extensive experience managing risk in positions generated across the full volatility surface which gives us the confidence to provide reliable and continuous liquidity throughout all market cycles.  

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Flow Trading

We have built and nurtured a rich network of long standing relationships with market participants and endeavour to always meet our obligations as a leading liquidity provider, especially in times of extreme volatility.

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Systematic Trading

Through collaboration and research we have combined our in-depth, cross-market knowledge with a rigorous mathematical approach to design a suite of algorithms driving our globally scaled proprietary trading platform. 

Technology Focused

We are as much a technology company as a trading one. Our developers work closely with trading to design, implement and support our proprietary trading systems and strategies, deploying advanced trading applications over low latency infrastructure.

Mako encourages a collaborative and entrepreneurial approach where we combine our traders' knowledge and expertise with technological, mathematical and operational excellence.

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Mako Makes Solutions

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Our proprietary platform has been designed to operate in a fully automated and systematic way. Whilst we are not a high frequency trading firm, our hardware and software is optimised to perform at ultra low latency.

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Data Driven

Our traders employ sophisticated statistical models which are underpinned by high quality testing and our ability to access and process large volumes of historical data.

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Quantitative Modelling

We combine advanced theory with rigorous market research methods, overlaying our practical expertise to produce robust models which generate alpha and evolve dynamically over time.

Infrastructure and Systems Engineering

Mako operates an extensive global network and is co-located in all major derivatives exchanges across the globe. Our infrastructure and systems engineers work closely with Mako software and hardware development teams to architect, deploy and maintain our entirely in-house platform. Collaboration between teams facilitates a fast innovation loop allowing us to maximise our technical advantage.