Mako Financial Markets (MFM) is the independent sales trading operation within the Mako Group comprising a team of experienced market professionals committed to servicing the needs of the investment community in exchange traded derivatives (“ETDs”).

Providing market commentary and analysing flow, enables us to provide short term market commentary, liquidity and best execution. MFM provides a personal service to the institutional investment community with unique insight and integrity. MFM’s sales traders work with clients to best execute strategies minimising market impact, whilst maintaining anonymity.

For nearly two decades, MFM has provided clients with best execution on ETDs, equity and interest-rate options with proven risk management.

MFM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and conducts business with Eligible Counterparties and Professional Clients (as defined in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 as amended from time to time) only.

MFM uses sophisticated analytical tools, real time volatility surface data and technology to identify opportunities.

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Excellence in provision of liquidity, short term market commentary and execution to institutional investors

  • What We Offer

    We offer an advisory and execution service on listed products for institutional clients.

  • Advice & Analysis

    The depth of our proprietary data and in-house analytical tools helps identify market opportunities.

  • Managing Risk

    From single security trades to complex portfolios, MFM can assist clients with position risk management.

MFM’s sales traders work with clients to best execute strategies thereby minimizing market impact, yet maintaining anonymity. We offer a best execution policy and short term market commentary service on ETDs on the major exchanges.

MFM provides all clients with daily market commentary. This is enhanced by expert fundamental and technical analysis of all asset classes covered including term-structures and volatility as well as market direction and macro sentiment.

The option activity Mako tracks and trades makes MFM’s data independent and our proprietary analysis tools distinctive. As a result, MFM is able to produce historical volatility analysis on a single market or on a relative value basis on multiple markets in real time. This allows MFM to recognise good trading opportunities as they arise or to take clients’ market views and express them in the most efficient trading strategies.

Clients benefit from Mako’s 30-year trading heritage through which it has developed a deep understanding of risk. A thorough risk management team at the corporate level oversees all of MFM’s market activities. This enables MFM to offer risk management assistance to clients on existing positions or potential exposures.


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MFM provides tailored trade strategies and arrangements in G10 Fixed-Income ETD products with competitive pricing and execution. MFM's aim is to establish a high level of satisfaction and trust with clients, founded on probity and ingenuity in devising bespoke strategies.

Clients can always trust MFM to deliver:

- Real time analysis of trading strategies, using fundamental economic and technical experience - Centralised pricing, access to top tier liquidity providers for best execution via one single point of contact - The highest level of anonymity and discretion - Independent analysis, ensuring no conflict of interest and best pricing - A price discovery service that does not trade for its own account

While ensuring full diligence throughout the whole process, MFM does not hold positions and therefore clients can be assured of impartial pricing and anonymity


MFM provides a competitive and efficient execution service to its institutional clients across major European and US equity markets which include exchange traded derivatives on indices, single stocks and cash equities. This includes EuroStoxx 50, FTSE 100, and the S&P 500

The combination of our experience, in-depth understanding of products and proprietary data allows us to provide clients with specific and tailored trade advice.