(Also Part Of The Supervisory Board)

Trystan Morgan Schauer


Trystan has served as Mako's CEO since 2018, following a career trajectory that began as a Risk Analyst in 2006. He later took on roles such as Head of Risk, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer. His diverse experience at Mako spans risk management, operations, and industry regulation.

Holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics, Trystan brings a multidisciplinary perspective to his role. His pre-Mako experience includes roles in financial consulting and the services industry.

Trystan’s dedication to philanthropy shines through his prior work with the charity "Life of Your Own," and in leading the establishment of The Mako Foundation. His leadership aligns with Mako’s core values of ambition, innovation, and integrity, continually driving the company towards excellence.

Outside of work, Trystan is an avid baker and thoroughly enjoys yoga, cooking and barefoot running.

Strategic Team

Jamie Cassidy
Global Head OF Trading
(Also Part of the Supervisory Board)
Paulius Chmieliauskas
Global Head of Systematic Trading
(Also Part of the Supervisory Board)
Kevin Sweet
(Also Part of the Supervisory Board)