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A Unique,12-month Programme for Aspiring Traders

Mako’s Graduate Trainee Trader Programme is an immersive and structured programme which gives a unique opportunity for graduates to develop in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry and options markets. Its content provides an educational base for potential Mako traders and operational staff. The programme runs for a 12 month period and not only covers the markets in which Mako operates, but also fundamental option theories as well as operational and risk processes. All graduate trainees work closely with senior traders and front office staff.


Work in a Fast Paced Real-Time Trading Environment

From the outset, graduate trainees are introduced to our fast paced and dynamic trading environment and are assigned stimulating and interactive projects to build upon their knowledge and understanding. Mako’s in-house programme is one of a kind and prepares graduates for a career at Mako by allowing immediate exposure to all aspects of our market-making business.

Learn From Highly Experienced Traders

As a trainee you will be working closely with our senior traders, giving you the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced in the business. In addition, trainees participate in classes covering a rigorous syllabus of options theory and attend regular mock floor-trading sessions in a collaborative and unique environment.

Rotate Across a Wide Range of Product Areas

Graduate trainees rotate across all desks giving the added benefit of exposure across the markets in which the market making team operates. This is an exceptional opportunity to gain an understanding across a wide range of products.

Add Value

Trainees have the opportunity to add value from the outset. Mako's structure encourages a culture of exploration, challenge and learning. Trainees work on various projects throughout their rotations and have access to a wealth of knowledge across the business. This is the ideal environment for sharing knowledge and generating ideas to drive our business forward.


Mako’s graduate programme offers an exceptional opportunity to work with highly experienced traders to get hands on knowledge and to understand the options industry in greater depth. If you would like to apply or find out more, please contact us, below.

Recommended Reading

Here are a few of the titles that Mako recommends to new joiners and seasoned professionals:

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