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Mako Drives for Hope: An Unforgettable Day at the Hope Classic Rally

July 9, 2024

Recently, a team from Mako had the privilege of participating in one of the UK's most unique and exhilarating classic car experiences, the Hope Classic Rally. This remarkable event not only brings classic car enthusiasts and novices together for an unforgettable day on the road but also supports a noble cause - raising over £2 million to date for WeSeeHope; a charity dedicated to creating sustainable change for vulnerable children across East Africa.

The Magic of the Rally

What sets the Hope Classic Rally apart is the extraordinary lineup of classic cars, generously loaned by their owners and companies such as Jaguar Land Rover Classic and Tuthill Porsche. These stunning vehicles become the heart of an experience that combines the thrill of driving with the joy of giving back.

Among the stellar array of vehicles was a race-inspired 1955 Mercedes 300 SL ‘Gullwing’, celebrated as the fastest production car of its era. The 1962 Ferrari 250 SWB, a jaw-droppingly beautiful right-hand drive example, stood out as one of the very few of its kind ever built. Also featured was a recently restored 1967 Lamborghini Miura, a pristine two-seater mid-engined sports car famed for its appearance in the opening scenes of The Italian Job and one of only 275 of its type. Completing the collection was a 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 RS, a timeless and incredibly capable all-round classic.

Photo credit: Rachel Persaud

The Difference: WeSeeHope

Since the first rally in 2015, an impressive £2 million has been raised for WeSeeHope (WSH). WSH works in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda to support vulnerable children living in poverty, focusing in predominantly rural and isolated areas. They partner with local NGOs to deliver impactful programmes that enhance skills and opportunity, create community-led solutions, and develop sustainable livelihoods.

Photo from the WeSeeHope website

Enhancing Skills & Opportunity

WSH teaches children, their families, and wider communities life, leadership, vocational, and entrepreneurial skills, opening up opportunities for their futures.

Creating Community-Led Solutions

Community volunteers and leaders are key stakeholders in WSH’s programmes from day one, receiving training to manage activities independently over four years.

Developing Sustainable Livelihoods

WSH establishes savings and loans groups for parents and guardians, providing training in community banking, business, and financial skills. Members pool their money together to take out loans, build businesses, and develop sustainable incomes for their families.

The Mako Foundation and WeSeeHope: A Long-Standing Partnership

The Mako Foundation is proud to have WeSeeHope as its main charity partner. Participating in the Hope Classic Rally is just one of the many ways the foundation supports WSH's mission and contribute to their life-changing work. Mako and The Mako Foundation collectively supported the Hope Classic Rally.

So here’s how the Hope Classic Rally unfolded...

The adventure began with a warm welcome breakfast at the historic Elvetham Hotel. The excitement was evident as the team was introduced to their assigned classic cars for the day. A comprehensive technical briefing by the Hope Classic Rally team and the car donors ensured that everyone was well-prepared to handle these automotive masterpieces. The morning drive took everyone through a scenic route, planned to showcase the best of Hampshire and the South Downs. The beauty of the landscape and the performance of the classic cars created an incomparable driving experience. Dedicated mechanics from GTO Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover Classic and RS Williams were on standby throughout the day, ensuring everything ran seamlessly. A delightful pit stop at The White Horse in Graffham hosted by Ledmore provided a chance for everyone to stretch their legs and admire the impressive lineup. Needless to say, the morning drive was the star of everyone’s conversation, along with the excitement of "who’s next" to test that classic set of wheels! The return journey to the hotel allowed for some drivers to swap, and upon arrival, a moment to refresh and prepare for the evening festivities! The day culminated in a drinks reception and dinner. As the sun set, our team celebrated their shared passion for classic cars and their contribution to WeSeeHope. The highlight of the evening was a charity auction, where participants bid on exclusive items, knowing that all proceeds would support vulnerable children in East Africa.

Photo credit: Rachel Persaud

Reflections on a Remarkable Day

Participating in the Hope Classic Rally was a journey of connection, purpose, and generosity to our team. The raised sum of over £200,000 will continue fuelling the transformational work of WeSeeHope, making every moment behind the wheel count towards a brighter future for children in need.

We are proud to have been part of this incredible event, reminding us of the power of community and the difference we can make when we come together for a common goal.

Captured Memories

Check out some photos of the day below, courtesy of the brilliant Jono Renton, Matthew Pitts and Rachel Persaud, who captured the magic of the event!

Photos by Jono Renton:

Photos by Matthew Pitts:

Photos by Rachel Persaud:

Alex Pierrot, one of the Foundation’s trustees, said that meeting the founders of WeSeeHope, Phil and Wendy Wall MBE, was a true highlight: 

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We were very appreciative of the chance to give our heartfelt thanks to them for their incredible achievements so far, as well as reassure them of The Mako Foundation's ongoing commitment to the partnership.
Alex Pierrot
Mako Foundation Trustee
Photo credit: Jono Renton

The Mako Foundation?

The Mako Foundation (registered charity number: 1187040) is a grant making organisation, independent of the Mako Group of Companies. Committed to supporting causes that reflect Mako's values, it focuses on supporting innovative causes that drive lasting, equitable change. The Foundation engages employees in identifying charities to support and primarily makes grants to philanthropic organisations providing help directly to beneficiaries. Its funding mainly comes from the Mako Group, but it seeks additional income streams and broader community involvement to expand its impact.

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