Graduate Software Developers - Are You Game?

November 9, 2021

Do you have what it takes to build the future of financial markets and solve some of the hardest problems in engineering?

If so … Hi! We are Mako, and we've launched a path for graduates to do exactly that. Here's what it takes: a curious mind which won't shy away from digging deeper and flying higher. You bring your curiosity, wings are on us!

We’re looking for independent thinkers who embrace responsibility and can take matters into their own hands. Are you good at recognising patterns? A critical thinker? Do you have an insatiable appetite for challenging yourself? If so, our graduate programme may be for you.

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Myth Busters and Programme Highlights

Myth busters:

  • You need to have an in-depth understanding of financial markets before applying for a career at Mako

    It is always advantageous to have a basic understanding of the field in which you are about to embark, however, a number of our developers here at Mako did not necessarily have prior experience in financial markets before joining the company. We have a world-class team of software developers who have joined us from different industries and with a wide variety of academic backgrounds including physics, mathematics and other STEM subjects, but what they all have in common is curiosity and an interest in learning about financial markets. Mako strongly believes in targeted and continuous education which includes dedicated on-desk learning guided by our senior traders and developers, specific courses tailored just for our business and self study. The primary subjects we focus on for new cohorts in our development programme covers options theory, options pricing, and performance optimisation in C++.
  • You must have C++ experience before you apply

    While Mako primarily uses C++, it is not an absolute requirement to know it before joining, especially if you are just starting out. It is, however, important that you have some experience in an object oriented language and can apply these concepts well. Useful languages to be familiar with include Python, Java, Go, C# etc. We do invite candidates to participate in a coding test as part of the application process, however, this doesn't have to be in C++ specifically. If you are keen to brush up on some skills there are many online resources to equip you for interview questions. The primary characteristics that we look for are mental agility, a strong capacity for learning and applying known concepts to different scenarios.  Once you join Mako, there will be a lot of training and support to aid your learning and development in this area.  

  • Software development = headphones on

    That old stereotype doesn’t necessarily fit here at Mako. Our culture is highly dependent on collaboration with other teams, individuals and departments so that we can innovate effectively and be the best that we can be. We actively encourage working closely with others across the business. We need our developers to be able to explain their work clearly to their team as well as other teams, who may not have such an extensive technical vocabulary or understanding.

What we offer as part of the programme:

  • Options theory and options pricing.
  • Overview of Mako's systems and code base.
  • Understanding of the markets we trade.
  • Exchange topology.
  • Overview of the different roles on offer within the Mako Software development team including financial engineering, execution success and algorithmic development.

Why is this a valuable career path?

  • You will get to work with cutting-edge technology.
  • You will develop a skill set that will be useful for the future.
  • Learn from experienced and knowledgeable people.
  • Learn how to solve some of the most complex problems which won't necessarily have an answer on Stackoverflow or GitHub.
  • Have the opportunity for your ideas to be instrumental from day one.

Best bits about working for Mako as said by our developers

  • 'You have a great opportunity to contribute to the success of the company more broadly than just your department’
  • ‘Collaboration with lots of different people including trading, operations and other areas of the development team’
  • ‘You get to work on a variety of projects in a fast paced environment - it's never boring’
  • 'Great openness to discuss projects if going off-track’

Resources and Links
- Youtube series - C++ weekly, Jason Turner
- Effective C++, Scott Mayers
- Academic papers on options pricing (high level maths)
- Herb Sutter’s books on C++
- Bjarne Stroustrup
- Chandler Carruth

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