Executive Leadership
Mako Financial Markets

James Cole

Board Member

James is Global Head of Trading and is responsible for managing all desks on the trading floor. He provides active oversight and guidance across all strategies and develops leading talent on the floor. James’ considerable experience in trading fixed income and equities as well as extensive industry knowledge provides invaluable strategic insight to the Mako Board. James began his career with Saratoga on the IPE in 1992. He moved to the LIFFE floor in 1994 and traded Bund options for three years before moving to Amsterdam to trade single stock options. In 1999, coinciding with the closure of the LIFFE floor, he moved back to Mako, following the management buy-out of Saratoga, to trade the FTSE in London. In 2000, he set up Mako's ESX trading desk and established a leading position within that market.

Executive Leadership

Mako Financial Markets Team

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